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In addition to product distribution and development, Ameratec connects qualified contractors to end users who want help with product procurement and installation.

Our Services
We work hard every day to make the lives of our clients better and happier, in the following ways:
Meeting Project Specifications
Sometimes project specifications can become overwhelming, especially if the product category is outside of your expertise. We’re always happy to assist to see if our products and systems meet your project specifications.
On-Time Delivery
Whether the order is stocked in our warehouses or not, we will manage the logistics to get your shipment to you on time, wherever you may be.
Outsource Installation
After a decade in the industry, we have identified qualified installers and contractors who provide us discounted rates to assist our clients in need of installation or maintenance services.

Ameratec Limited is an Asia distributor based in Hong Kong for manufacturers that specializes in fire safety hardware, access control systems, CCTV systems, home automation, and other related systems within the industry. The company has operations with warehouses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. In addition to our distribution network with our factories, Ameratec develops both economical and reliable products for the markets it operates in.

Ameratec’s distribution network is dedicated to provide established and developing nations quality equipment by utilizing our global network of suppliers and manufacturers to offer customers a wide range of products. We build lasting relationships with our clients through customer-centric services and assurance of quality in the products we offer.

At Ameratec, we focus on several performance indicators to ensure our services are up to par compared to international standards. Here are several metrics we strive for.

On Time Delivery
Ameratec strives to deliver on time, every time. We understand how important it is to stay on schedule and deliver projects on time. Therefore, we hold true to this KPI and strive for 100% on time delivery.

Customer Return Rate
Ameratec aims to deliver what is expected from the clients. We know the products we sell are quite technical, so we try our best to ensure our solutions are best fitted for our client’s needs.

Payment Delinquency
Ameratec will always be in good financial health. We will never leverage more than what we can afford. As a result, our clients can always depend on us.

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